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Global Youth Athletic Training Centre (GYAT-C) was formed in year 2008. GYAT-C is a legally complaint organization duly registered under The Societies Act chapter 108 of the Laws of Kenya. GYAT-C is a non-profit making and Non-political organization. Its mandate is stated and articulated hereunder in its Vision, Mission, Core values and Strategic Objectives
Currently, GYAT-C runs a sport training facility in Kijabe, Kenya that also doubles as a Community Centre. It also mobilizes communities on escalating environmental challenges, while catalyzing, advocating, educating and facilitating promotion of environmentally conscious youth and citizenry while using available but limited local resources.
Additionally, GYAT-C is an active Christian organization with interested and willing collaboration of South Sudan, Rwanda and Burundi to bring our Vision to youths in the countries. We have also commenced ground-breaking discussion with collaborators in the “new” Somalia.


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Acid precipitation Are Thing Getting Better

Acid precipitation has been an important environmental topic for many years. What is acid precipitation?

Acids are an important group of chemicals. All acids contain chemicals that are combined with hydrogen in a specific way. Acids are present in aspirin, carbonated drinks, and your stomach.

Another group of chemicals is called bases. They contain oxygen and hydrogen that are combined with other chemicals. Chemicals containing bases are called alkaline. Examples of alkaline substances are deodorants, ammonia cleaners, and the mortar around bricks.